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amaarae – passionfruit summers lyrics


[verse 1: sutra]
mesmerized, i lay awake
soaring on a new landscape
gold sunlight to warm the day
molten sugar, sweet escape
and then quite suddenly i’m rising
reaching for heaven on a light beam
nowhere i’d rather be
p-ssionfruit summers all that i need
gold clouds and lemon shine around me
floating, floating, floating

floating on pink skies, purple waves
rest my mind on sullen spectrum rays
falling deep in spirit’s song
is what i needed all along

[verse 2: amaarae]
steel coats on me have fallen
softer pastures blossoming call for me
i’m maturing slowly
me is taking time to get to know me
oh me, oh my
oh we, oh i
have come so far
so far, so far along
oh i, oh i
i do i try
to keep things moving
moving along


oh me, oh my
oh we, oh i
oh me, oh my
oh we, oh i
oh me, oh my
oh we, oh i