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amboog a lard – disease lyrics


innocence, i began, youth my direction.
ignorance, love in my heart, no detection.
tried to explore, dying for more.
life, death, please mother let me begin.

i closed my eyes, everything a lie.
rebellion to rebel, fallen in deep, why?
tried to deter, dying not to see.
hate, hate, please mother leave me be.

i created, i found myself at least i thought.
l-st for for love rotted me, no detection.
tried and achieved, what was not conceived.
watch me, please mother look at meee!

i fell, i fell hard, face down denial.
i’ve beaten myself into the ground.
i tried to rise, everything changes, not me.
wrong or right, please mother forgive me.

i looked, i looked at myself, my direction.
all these years gone, but i found love.
myself, i’m off to explore again with peace of mind.
every day mother, father i’m more like you.
i understand why you do the things you do.

disease! rots under my skin.
disease! committed like sin.
disease! starving for more.
disease! i don’t want to cure.

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