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amebix – last will and testament lyrics


the parchment of my flesh must break
the winter winds my soul doth take
and all beneath the heavens lies in peace
a world will form and fade away
the crystal dawn of the final day
breaks upon the sh-r-s of death’s release

bring me my flesh and blood
on land, the sky, the sea
and light a raging fire upon the hearth
gather round ‘neath the cloak of time
and drink a toast to these
our final days upon this earth

we made the deserts from the gardens of our youth
we spewed our blackened hearts into the sea
through darkened skies and poisoned clouds
we blindly grope for truth
we couldn’t see the forest for the trees

to my wretched son i leave this gun
to slaughter all your race
for this, the beast you have become
i have no longer taste
and daughter fair with burning hair
the swamp of life be thine
and watch as e’en the great will mate
with the lowliest of swine
to breed the sons, the greed and sc-m
of this your ravaged land
all my estates, both small and great
shall fall beneath your hand

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