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american music club – in the shadow of the valley lyrics


i gave up my cynicism, i gave up my hard sh-ll
i gave up everything that would cause you the least pain
i’m immodest as a child old before it’s time
why should i hide something i’ve no chance to see?

my nights are all sleepless so all through my day
i took the next shade of weariness down to l.a.

i’m off like a shotgun out of your reach
my self-importance, my mind-numbing haze
no, i don’t want to know about my life
i don’t want to know what i’m thinking or feeling

ignorance is bliss but babe, we won’t stay that way
we’ll escape heaven somehow down in l.a.

i can make your future easier to predict
i’m hot as a devil and cold as an addict

people usually just make me tired
the plague of always deserving something better
god save me from the rewards i deserve
one for giving up hope and the one for the love that i serve

if i opened my heart then you’d be washed away
down the bone-dry rivers that drain l.a.

my nights are all sleepless and all through my day
i like to take shades of weariness all through l.a.