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amigo the devil – once upon a time at texaco pt. 1 lyrics


[verse 1]
we were sitting at the party drinking heavy
yelling “believe in life after love”
we were so d+mn drunk
doing our best impressions of cher that we all could
until someone said, “i’d k!ll for more tequila”
another voice said, “f+ck man, we’re out of drugs”
in a moment of silence, i had an idea
slowly started standing up
oh oh oh oh, just let me use your car and i’ll go

i didn’t have money, but i knew that my friend
he always kept a pistol in the car
so i parkеd down the street, where no onе would see me
and walked into the gas station store

[chorus 1]
“la la da die
don’t start to cry
just give me what i want and i’ll go
la da da die
put the money inside
cause no one wants to die in a texaco”

[verse 2]
i was staring at the man behind the counter
the customers were laying on the floor
i said, “we’re going to sing a song, it’s called ‘the sound of silence’
and you, just open the f+cking drawer”
but he pulled out a gun like a magician
well, i’ve also learned some magic through the years
my bullet hocus pocus’ed through the back of his head
and made the side of his jaw disappear
[chorus 2]
la da da die
i told you not to try
look at what you made me do
la da da die
now you’re gonna die
the only one to blame here is you

[verse 3]
“i’m guessing that you all feel like a hostage
but i’m sure it feels nice to be held”
though comedy and tragedy historically are linked
the joke didn’t go over too well
“oh, please let us go, i promise that we won’t say a thing”
i said, “the next thing you do decides the version of you
that your family will see again”

i had no idea where i was going
but i just knew i had to get out of this town
“just give me your keys, you’re coming with me”
a few minutes later we were nowhere to be found

[chorus 3]
la la da die
enjoy the ride
keep your eyes on the road
la la da die
there was the sign
120 miles from mexico
and then it hit me

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