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amorphis – separated (japanese release) lyrics


from trails of wolves, from paths of bruin
from fen-depths and mountain winds
raised into the light i was
separated apart i was

i am of air, i am water, i am of fire and earth i am

the lore of air, the water’s wisdom
fire aware, the memory of earth

upon my birth i understood
the spirits of matter
and their alliance
in spatters of liquid iron
separated apart i was

separated i was, apart i was

in a flash of light, a crash of storm
i was called there, among all the greatest

where light was curved, into an arc
i was made real, constructed of gods

to north, south, east and west
the spirit of air to quarters four
she was my mother
heavy with wind
swelled from the sea

separated i was, apart i was

from chaos of matter restored i was
brought to the essence of creation
to red, black and white
to milk iron and steel

the lights of chaos
they have transformed
into a precise spark
the spark of my mind
the sounds disruptive
into distant singing
i can hear them through waters