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amphetaqueen – white parents are gonna love this lyrics


i went ‘n cut the grass (grass)
white ‘n middle class (burbs)
i’mma go to sunday mass (bet)
i’m givin’ mom sass (karen)
she don’t like that i rap (no no)
she ain’t takin’ no cr+p (uh uh)
but she know this sh+t slaps (slaps)
smearin my work like a pap (naw)

so i gave my dad a juul (mike)
drivin’ the volvo to school (wagon)
and i’m lookin all cool (yeaaa)
i go on runs like the jewels (waaa)
but i don’t gotta pet poodle (bark bark)
eatin’ burnt toaster strudels (eww)
f+ck eatin’ spicy noodles (yeaaa)

avocados really hot
colorado like a thot
mom i don’t smoke pot! (dank)
check these christmas cards i bought!


oh my f+cking god… i can’t take this sh+t… f+ckin’ serious anymore
help me…


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