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amy grant – words from an old spanish carol lyrics


shall i tell you who will come
to bethlehem on christmas morn
who will kneel gently down
before the lord
-before the lord

one small fish from the river
with scales of red, red gold
one wild bee from the heather
one gray lamb from the fold
one ox from the high pasture
one black bull from the herd
one goatling from the far hills
one white, white bird

repeat chorus

sung counterpoint:

one large fish from the sea
too shiny to behold
one tame moth from a tree
stable stoled
one colt from the green meadow
one bear cub fat & furred
one goatling-
and one white, white bird

and many children-
god gave them grace
bringing tall candles
to light mary’s face

repeat chorus

first verse repeated and sung counterpoint to chorus

one bird…
white, white bird
white, white bird