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ana popovic – heaven’s crying (aka song for the next generation) lyrics


[verse 1]
every mind and everybody every thought
and every move we’re all a part of
one true being one friend that could make us all
everything’s got a hank together
from the very first second
for all eternity
every little bit is part of something bigger
when arms of the universe nothing stands alone

but beware things are shifting
tides are rising it’s time to act lakes are trying
species dying now’s the time to hope
when i rise

let’s go outside where everything’s a mirror
heaven’s crying can’t you feel the tears
baby into the distance looking up above
see the patterns written in the sky
with us all these beauty come from
is it natural sk!ll or just for you and i

[verse 2]
you and i we’re on the mission
but they’re gonna pick for us
to make a change
time’s all wasted better get started
let’s get moving before it’s too late
you might feel helpless but you’re not alone
coz there’s still time for us to get something done
we can make a difference we can start the flow
if we just work together i feel the stratum
and the sky a fall
nothing on the [?] should be side for us
but here’s the sad thing
if we just sit around we’re going to face the feeling
who’s gonna bail us out
only care about the next campaign
not the next generation

where’s the urgency their skin so thick
i feel [?] sideway so don’t feel a pain
let’s go outside oh let us cry in the mirror
let our heaven’s cry and make the things to be here
can’t you feel the tear let’s go outside
i give the things some member
mirror breaking can’t you hear?
oh can you feel the tears