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anaal nathrakh – satanarchrist lyrics


you have the god d-mn answer(?)
all — lie
i (?) nothing
your f-cked up lie

my own is k!lling me (goes somewhere, not sure where)
you have the god d-mn answer(?)
for every f-cking lie(??) /k!lling me ()
you f-cking slagging(?) on me
it’s all your f-cked up lie…lie…lie
this tomb scarcely the graces keep
and the black daughters of h-ll
but then the furies with snakes spread abroad
o wretched arts which can afford only this convenience –
that as a known guest i may approach the stygian waters

you’re trying to hunt us down
your hatred burns
you’re f-cking slagging on me/a f-cking child of god
f-cked up satanarchist(?)

the castle is burned to the ground
you ??
satanarchrist, the only way alive (?)