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anack$ – shoot em up (shot u down freestyle) lyrics


[verse 1: anack$]
tell me, would you testify against us?
got my testes in attendance, bet it’s temptingly relentless
got these followers standing at attention
just to get a mention from them 27s
sh-t, i could cause a shift for the capital
caps is all off got these cats going radical
f-ck your empire go and gargle this c-ck like hannibal
we some garden state gods, slowly burning down botanical
how far is next year?
four seasons in a fast car by next year
fall off before fall?
don’t fault my peers
dear father taught me don’t flaunt your fears
i’ll shed no tears when the reaper appears
adhere to the plans when the pressure is near
we got it all mapped out, we all blacked out
the basics of patience place us in front of the background
no act son, this is act i in a comedy of errors
commonly mistake you others for something better like weather, whatever
catch me blowing willow trees
swisher sweets is the leaves got me wavy like the seas
been a lot on my mind so i haven’t had time to think clearly
spend a lot of my time with whiskey and wine and i’m nearly
confined in my mind i miss my departed too dearly
go through a lot on the yearly and pick apart just what fears me

[verse 2: anack$]
oh, you gonna love me boy, he got game
spike ls with h-ll boy, homie who brought games
spill it, i keep it real boy i don’t play them games
if you feel it, i’ll keep it trill boy i want fame
steady laughing at these f-ggots
all of them acting like -sses
all i’m after, it’s tragic
i’m only after them -ssets
imagine p-ssing the m-sses
p-ss the pastor the chalice
trying to find a balance between morality and malice
indigos glowing gold
blowing like dynamo
blowing it by the o
aspiring to give y’all the most
pop bottles and blow smoke with top models and hope
all this sodomy don’t follow me, honestly might overdose
adios them b-tches
adios to religion
my missions to diminish any b-tch critic not f-cking with it
i got a medley of menace
a little sick of this ignorance
got me sickling sentences
sense the scent of my arrogance
apparently switching to swishers
swishing buckets like fischer
didn’t think this d-ck could get bigger?
go figure, it’s off the richter
go figure, i’m off the liquor
liver withered like king lizard
slowing painting this picture
mixing scriptures with hitler
sirens blaring through the weekend
silence scare me when i’m sleeping
sam cooking in the morning
it’s been a long time coming
never thought i’d be a k!ller
probably die by my own trigger
l!ck my lips and it taste like liquor
catch me bathing in elixirs
act a fool baby girl i don’t give no sh-ts
the only f-ck i ever give i might nut too quick
just beat it and leave it
i’m fiending for the freak of the week
god almighty this aphrodite got me swimming in these sheets
high and sedated, faded, awaited this f-cking song
split it, break it, and roll it, i’m always facing a blunt
when your homes vacant
i’m baking i’m cooking gold
high stakes to fine dine
all i need is an apr-n and stove
no lights, no lights, got the silence on loud
neighbors told me keep it down, but i been drowning them out
i’m down and i’m out
on my path to perfection
told you, you could have it all
and i learned my lesson
maybe it’s a blessing in disguise
learned to give it time
but times is hard around here and these pockets are tied
without a dollar except towards the mary and brew
set out on a ?uest for love and found myself at the roots

[hook: anack$] x2
i can’t believe that we did it
started from the end, now the l is almost finished
2 blunts, 7 grams in it
what’s a gotti to a god and them 27’s is it