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anastasia company – in my dreams lyrics


they said i was found by the side of a road
there were tracks all around, it had recently snowed
in the darkness and cold with the wind in the trees
a girl with no name, and no memories but these

rain against a window, sheets upon a bed
terrifying nurses whispering overhead
“call the child anya, give the child a hat”
i don’t know a thing before that

traveling the back roads, sleeping in the wood
taking what i needed, working when i could
keeping up my courage, foolish as it seems
at night all alone in my dreams

in my dreams shadows call
there’s a light at the end of a hall
then my dreams fade away
but i know it all will come back
one day

i dream of a city beyond all compare
is it paris? paris…
a beautiful river, a bridge by a square
and i hear a voice whisper
“i’ll meet you right there in paris”

you don’t know what it’s like
not to know who you are
to have lived in the shadows
and travelled this far
i’ve seen flashes of fire
heard the echo of screams
but i still have this faith
in the truth of my dreams!

in my dreams it’s all real
and my heart has so much to reveal
and my dreams seem to say
“don’t be afraid to go on
don’t give up hope, come what may”
i know it all will come back
one day!