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anberlin – safe here lyrics


later that day we made our way to the old cathedral door
a flame a figure a shadow walked away towards the tower alone
we must be close nearby hope cant her own way through dark
its cold i’m told its grey there’s a light that never grows dim
but if all can be made right there’s still a chance on new years day
and if grace were here i would love to see her face someway somehow
and if all is well that means there is still a chance in h-ll
you are safe here in these arms of mine
there is shelter through the mire of life
claiming sanctuary from the fire that drove you in
you are safe here in these arms of mine
climbing the stairs towards heaven
making our own way into the room empty barren not another soul in sight
then when the moon came crawling there in the night a great divide a
whisper a motion a calling were the 99 all right

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