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ancient ceremony – soul darwinism lyrics


“who loves the truth hates god!”

thus whispered to me powers,
in darkness bound and fed by sin
gloria in profunditas
whilst i rode on diamond wings
through the pantheon of dreams
oh magic these halls of eternity know to tell about
bathe me in wisdom
and unknown pleasures of ecstasies unveiled

hyperion’s daughter again has sent her beams
whilst – drunken of wrath – samael descends
from heavens kissed with black lips

“praise my hidden names,
seeker of the truth
wilt is virtue whilst weakness means expiration
deny the fools, stamp them into dust
absurdity of their religions
means spiritual suicide
crown thy soul victorious
in ambitious aim against their god’s altar!”

darwinism of the souls
only the strongest (souls) shall survive

“the essence of knowledge is the spirit”