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anders osborne – louisiana rain lyrics


now i’m finally on my way
after a six month long delay
reserved my ticket just today
i won’t be back until it’s may
yes it’s time to go
and leave the frozen land of snow
so i’m headin’ back again
to the louisiana rain

louisiana rain, yes i’m coming home again’
i’ll always be a loyal friend
as long as you -ssure me rain

i’m gonna hit the rain and swim the heat
turn on the mellow southern beat
dance all night at maple leaf
we do it slow but indiscreet
the girls make you smile
and entertain you for a while
soon i will be there again
in the hot humid rain

(repeat chorus)
(instrumental break)

i heard that roman’s back in town
i hope ol’ john is still around
twistin’ body parts he freshly found
and lead us in to inner ground
see the folks i dig
i love them now, i always will
my regards to all my friends
under the heavy southern rain

(repeat chorus)(3x