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andre nickatina – 7 letters coked out lyrics


c-o-c-a-i-n-e [x2]
this right here yo would never win a grammy
it might get love at the port of miami.
crushed real fine for the the junkies off grimmies
all c-ke dealers say, “what’s up king nicky”
cocaine rhymes designed up in the lab
don’t blame me the kids in rehab
i hit all colleges knocks ’em up
every dorm that i go to they blow the stuff
can’t control the stuff, they’re tryin to hold the stuff
and i can tell by your life baby girl your stuck on
can i be your drug of choice cause i’m cocaine fresh
no need to look further cause your f-ckin with the best.
police scared on cocaine matters,
cause drug dealers brag about who’s car is fatter
but it’s all a pattern like the rings around saturn
your out there in sp-ce going off free base
too many 8 b-lls and hanger stealin from the mall
give your grandma cause your momma don’t care
fast speed b-lls gotcha pullin out your hair
while the drug dealers all throw money in the air cause of
my homey says his go for 18-5
and with no wings we can make birds fly
and everywhere i go mother f-ckers gettin high
and every drug of choice is at the top of the line
if you do it for the profit do it then lock it
and don’t stop homey till the police stop it
brain got the bends in the middle of a drought
and watch a broke b-st-rd drop his mount
the fillmore city knows cocoa leaves
i have your whole town c-ked out before i leave on