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andy o. – warm up lyrics


this verse ain’t my first, i’ma spit it like my last
still working man i’m driven
sneakers still up on the gas
only living in the moment, people reaching for the cash
i’m tryna make it worth it ‘fore it p-ss
heard to make it first you gotta make it last
did it on purpose. did it with purpose
so much is in my past, can’t forget it though. bomb is set, let me blow
young but my mind’s still already old
learned life ain’t always steady. can’t regret it. ready, go
perfect the flow. set the goal. if i go, rest my soul
even if i’m washed up, you will never see me fold
the memories gone fade but the melodies won’t
forget me, yo
can’t die for something you never lived for
been cold, now i’m warming up. hope you feel these quotes
faith driven, holding close. friends feel i’m always going ghost
been broke, no money for some clothes
sharing one room, sleeping on the floor
see a chance, i gotta go
need change, i gotta know. play the game
what i been on might hurt ya
not an icon, but i’ll point you to truth like a curser
shine on, can’t remember what were taught
who knew tracks would influence your train of thought
i’m just tryna keep it real from the start. share my heart
being patient. life’s a stage, i’m just tryna play my part
i’m just tryna keep it real from the start
at the station, i’m just waiting to depart