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angry reacts only – kyle anthem lyrics


my name is kyle, and i like to punch drywall
all i think about every day is the freshest drywall
drinking monster and driving my pick up truck
f+ck you if you don’t like subs
i’ll throw you through some drywall before the first wub
you think you like monster, i’ll out+drink you

i chug that sh+t in the shower and kick over mountain dews
i practice graffiti on my bedroom walls
yes, i still live with my parents
don’t make fun of me or i’ll tell on you
what are girlfriends when you got monster
i can see all the babes i want on hbo
practicing and mastering the perfect f+cking fist
to annihilate this f+cking slate
and establish my dominance
this bеautiful green drink is the key to my success
it has all thе nutrients to slay my f+cking parents
this is my declaration of independence

there isn’t any drywall that can stop me
parents disintegrate at the sight of my perfection
i am limitless with monster at my disposal
i am limitless with monster at my disposal
i have a vape and i chuck the fattest clouds
you don’t stand a chance

monster energy juice, because i’m the best kyle
105 monster stickers on my truck
i’m the best kyle around