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ani difranco – albacore lyrics



look here i just tattooed
a wedding band
on what looks like to me
my mother’s hand
i’m no blushing girl
no innocent dove
it took me a long time to find love
but now i have no doubt
and i never will
that i am meant to be loving you
and it fairly blew my mind
to be so sure
when that little needle said i do

my love gives me hope
my love gives me pride
my love gets me past
the land mines inside
when i am next to you
i am more me
inside me is a room to which you hold the key

look at that honeymoon
in the albacore sky
look with all of you
not just your eye
look at its dancing light
through the whispering trees
look how i love you and you love me
look how i love you and you love me

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