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anima tempo – cellophane eyes lyrics


you delivered her to her barren prayer
primal malice perpetual
undyingly righteous in your ways
perdition compelled, ripe to raise

fumes fan the famed
nightfall draws
halos shake, heavy pale with point-blank rain
for i shall doze blind
every man who begs your bane
and sign the horizon in your name

your enterprise triggered callus
with lips to the wind you spoke
of our covenant stray in smoke
by your command we are artless

cellophane eyes
desire rests by my side, a godless veiled bride
serrated mistakes snake
beneath the cracks watching me nigh
setting traps within
within each lie

where is your instinct of survival?
come clean or pay the cost of denial

towering claws caress
forced by your serpent’s arrest
l-st lashes full of agony
my sworn oath harbors your unending plea
towering claws caress
forced by your serpent’s arrest
remorse absent counterfeiting
centuries cave to my siren’s sting

my canvas red with hate -ssured to a soundtrack obscure
your lament sealed by subversion, forever empty of words