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anna mcclellan – shit’s in the stars lyrics


if i had a dime
every time someone tried
i’d be rich enough
that i wouldn’t have to budge
on my convictions and my policies
telling everyone i see
part of my opinion

i’m not sure if this is real
but i’ll tell you how i feel
keeping all these feelings in
has worn me so thin
it happened so quickly
but now i’m just skin and bones
and my bones, they are creaking

drunk in love on a sat-rday
words i thought i’d never say
feelings are so abstract
don’t you think we should dance?
because it’s summer
and in the morning i wake up smiling

oh, so you also like art
painting in around in bars
i’m not sure where love starts
wish it must be in the stars
because i’m falling
oh yeah i’m falling, i’m falling

romance never fazed me
but for the first time in my life
stuff i thought in daydreams
is happening tonight
it happened before i had the chance
to blink my eyes and make it right