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ant cats – dinosaur lyrics


[intro: ant]
anto on the beat
dead meat bro

[chorus: lil dino]
sleet pete
sheet my tea
sea bee me
aye i’m lil dino
like theirs a rhino
china i go their
i love it ok i’m lil dino

[verse: ant cats] x2
ant cats!
their a dinosaur
it’s against a law
i broke its jaw
with a saw aye
john day is a movie
shouting out meek
me and lil dino in a f-cking week
we speak. what’s the time
the slime sh-t
baby cry
you just die
i fly to the sky
just ate apple pie

[short: lil dino and ant cats]
ant cats and me again
it’s a short ok alright alright alright
fight fight fight
sight sight sight
be alright be alright alright ok
ok ok ok ok lil dino!