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anthony bezel – bounce lyrics


be ok
i’ll do more than that i will be so great
don’t need yo hate
i’m gon get it got it go to either way
lead the way
for my people posse poppin in this place
beat the case
commas counting common call it keeping cake

i’m a run it man/ get it like the running man/ figure it out if i love her then/ bounce back like rubba band/ worth more than 600 bands/ couple milli if we talking facts/ took advantage then brought it back/ small advantage coming where we at/ i dont watch face/i just keep track/ i dont like trace/ i make my own tracks/ believе in faith then/ it will have your back/ don’t let it go to wastе/ make the profit stack

rain storm hail storm i’ll go there and all the way back/ faster pass the get the stepping like you in a frat/ i dont need the fake love or any of that/ it’s a marathon not a race so we running laps/ wanna get faster/ tryna then master/ we don’t do casting/ who brought all the actors/ on the next chapter/ things we go after/ usually sinful/ don’t tell the pastor