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anthony green - i don't want to die by strings lyrics


blind in my steps
am i falling
like every other autumn leaf?

bound to my flaws
hanging vulnerable
in darkness on the ocean floor

if only i was separate from what i created, oh

maybe things would be better
if we undid this knot
and ended our hunger strike

following in the footsteps of my grandmother
she welcomed all her pain
so i’m keeping any extra i made to myself
i wouldn’t have expected anyone to notice it
tonight i don’t, i don’t want to die
but tomorrow i might

stuck to my false sеnse of self
hanging vulnerablе in darkness we can’t seem
to ever get away from everything we want
what if i was only waiting for my chance to jump?
tonight i don’t, i don’t want to get high
but tomorrow i might
i’ll be prepared to die
i’ll be prepared to die

kiss my mom and dad goodbye
i’ll be prepared to die
tonight, tonight

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