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apologetix – do you know what i dreamed? lyrics


this poor king’s crazed since i told my men
guys, decipher what i just dreamt
do you know what it means?
do you dopes know what i dreamed?

my astrologers just delayed
my best sorcerers acted dismayed
didn’t know what i dreamed
so they couldn’t know what it means

their responses ++ sure left some doubt
hammurabi would have thrown those clowns out
but you know he wasn’t me
do you know cold+blooded me?

so they asked me to please be spared
i didn’t hear them ++ i just glared
do you what that means?
oh, do you know that i’m mean?

and then they said:
king, you’re asking something
that’s really not fair
you haven’t told us what you beheld in that nightmare
and now you’re mad
and it’s sealed our cruel fate
but you’ll find this out, king nebuchadnezzar
you’ll never find another wizard
who’ll edify ya ++ another way

these words stressed me, yes, i’ll say
seems they’ve left me with nothing to slay
there’ll be no one but me
oh, but you know, suddenly

hebrew daniel said to me
he could translate without cheat sheets
and he told what i dreamed
oh, and he showed what it means

seen more things change since that snowballed then
i’ve installed him as my best friend
dude, he knows what i need
lord proved he knows more than me

belteshazzar that’s his name
if you’d rather learn how to say it
in babylonian with me
oh, but you know who i mean

yeah, here he comes now

help +++ meeeee