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apotheon – isolationist lyrics


i’ve sealed myself here in a labyrinth of stacked boxes and unnamed octavo
which ones do i discard?
which ones do i burn? the only way to know is to study everything
what is of use to me?
what can i dispose of? i’ve got plenty of time, locked in this delicate box of skin
better start organizing
take what you need and bury it
what you want can be burned
with clear perception, move on
cast unto the darkened sh0r-
reclaimed by l-st and hope for something time can never take
a mind of gems guarded by worms
pull them out
gripping tentacles latch onto your intent
never giving remorse for where you went
“we are the searing pain
we are the weight
we are the creatures driving your hate
we eat your pride
consume your flesh
lay eggs of sorrow
your brain they will stretch

torn from within
no more pressure
time to move on
a hidden master
revealed in a ghastly manner
as i traverse my psyche i am reminded why i don’t reside here
terror walls and ghastly butlers of old
i must escape and reform my animus
as i seek my solution i am disconnected
i’ve locked myself here
in a maze of mind terrors and unseen corridors
where do i turn now
when will i die
blackened flesh
seared by light unknown
blistering scalp void of crown
cleansed in solar showers only to scurry back to the darkness
i feel strong here
my withered flesh doesn’t effect my god brain
this vessel only holds me back
tear it off
abandon this flesh and ascend