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arabesque – tall story teller lyrics


he’s always telling stories
that’s how he got his name – big ballyhoo.
it’s very very boring

it’s ev’ry day the same – big ballyhoo.
whatever he is saying
he is telling a lie
but he tells you why it’s true.
he is a tall story teller

he says that rockefeller
became a millionaire
’cause he gave him the tips
and he taught him the tricks.
he is a tall story teller –
why do i love this feller?

i really don’t low why
but i know it’s true
that he loves me too
and that is not a lie.
so we are goin’ to marry
because i love this man – big ballyhoo.
i said you’re very caring
but you must understand – big ballyhoo.
be sure if you ever gonna tell me a lie
i’m saying good bye to you.
he is a tall story teller
. . .
ballyhoo ballyhoo – yes i love him
yes i do.
ballyhoo ballyhoo – and i know he loves me too.
he is a tall story teller
. . .