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archibald slim – like you forgot lyrics


[verse 1: archibald slim]
beer from the brew, smoke from the blunt, lettuce to words
sequel sentences slick as the best you done ever heard
several slurred syllables, run it back what he say
his country -ss can barely talk
must learn to rap by mistake
might just don’t grasp what i say
it ain’t for everybody ears
and the way i make these lists, but not no bread to made it clear
i take a step back, is it too nostalgic or too eclectic
got gather smack in the middle
critical acclaimed done been collected
you could claim i ain’t right
you can complain ’bout the hype
not from the city, but i represent the a on the mic
now every clique in the city bitter for taking me light
i’m heavy weight, they know my name now
even though they don’t like me
so f-ck your thoughts and your feelings
cause you don’t know nothing about me
‘cept what you heard from so and so
you should quit running your mouth
but i know n-gg-s in their feelings and can’t figure me out
i let you b-tches just continue to doubt, uh

[chorus: alexandria] (x2)
say what you want, feel how you feel
i’m being what i got to do
hearing ’bout my name all over town
like you forgot that everything on me real
[verse 2: ethereal]
back in the street, back from the dead, stacking my bread
packing the heat, i pray for sleep, i play for keeps
i do a sweep over n-gg-s that’s dirty to me
i do a leap over n-gg-s that’s hurdles to me
i can not fake it, i just stay e, n-gg-s know me
we can’t relate if you ain’t got no motivation
cactus jack to mankind, still the people waiting
my n-gg-s do a show and you know the floor gon’ cave in
wish a n-gg- would try to take what i been saving
wish that i could tell my mama “d-mn a n-gg- made it”
one of the greatest waiting for the world to say it
awful records good, ain’t no use in tryna break us
it’s the underrated underdog, a later day he’s debated as the greatest or the most obscure
f-ck a roll in a pavement
i’m ready to roll a payments, and numbers greater than days spent wondering when i’m gon’ get my cake to smack them in the face with, yeah

[chorus: alexandria] (x2)