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arghoslent – the entity lyrics


as they made their journey in 1000 bc
headed for britain, they were subdued
by the ent-ty…

they erected stonehenge for human sacrifice
war was in their blood, the air was cold as ice
babies fed flesh to be warriors of the night
they fought to the death
the only way to fight

fought in the town square
hung their victim’s heads
for all to see as appraisal to the gods
october 31st, spirits of the dead
the people left severed heads
their practices were sound

it was the ent-ty…

“the king, he has died,” the town cried
“slice him open to see who follows,” cried the priest

in 55 bc the romans came from rome
the celts rode into battle to protect their bl–dy throne
tied them to horses and nailed them to their homes
the romans were destroyed in battle and driven to their boats
the celts cheered in victory and drank from the skulls
the ent-ty has powered over the violent celts
in conquest the ent-ty and violence moved on
carrying it’s plunge unto the next unknowing p-wn