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armond wakeup – bless my soul lyrics


lately been more concerned with sanity than my safety
i wish my biggest problem was complete strangers hating me
they make believe & maybelline situations they can’t achieve
& i don’t call it anger or hate
it’s more like lazy dreaming
i’d rather put effort into “wait & see”
waiting seems amazing til my patience screams it can’t breathe
my faith ain’t in my fate, it’s in my savior, even crazy things i’d never tell a soul
i say it’s sewn, too much to load but he controls it
see i’m watching all my friends shoot shots on social media
your wcw liked my pic from 30 weeks ago
what you call a feat, i call it corny
& the need to know is
i need to steep my soul in jesus fore i lead a home
cuz i know me, i’ll leave a home
believe me
i’ll make a call & say barbara, it’s richie
it’s crazy, i can’t tell apart the rappers from the christians
terrible fashion, no p-ssion, only mentions
i’m standing next to ppl if they needed to would lynch me
i pray the lord submerge me so a mist would be like drenching
so my shadow would heal
ministry wouldn’t be feelings
it would fulfill the will of he who sent me
they would sense that he was real
but he’s real to me
lead me to the edge
speak a word to free my soul & say what needed to be said
and i dread the day my pen is
void of conviction
more than words & intention’s a product of tension
it’s a product of forgiveness
please don’t pardon my position
i don’t party, though partly a part of me has been simmering
since, granny left mississippi when she was 16
& my daughter on the honor roll sending texts that she misses me
i wanna be so close to god he can speak mysteries
in the midst of me
more than a mission, want him to live in me
they lifting dreams
so selfish, toss your list of things
into the sea of forgetfulness
don’t miss it, please
he’s here