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arteezy – touch the beat lyrics


[verse 1: art–zy]

just set things straight, i never hate
life is great, till you mess around and you eat the bait
then the hook catches you and it wanna take your life
and this song got a hook so it’s gonna take your life
then you, fight and fight and realize you got this feeling
that art–zy’s playing music right above your ceiling
you thought you were hearing things then you started fearing
then you started googling the artist you were hearing
then you, get the wrong results as if you get the wrong fixtures
then you start hating google because you were p-ssed off
then you went crazier than king kong
then you said, “forget it, let me enjoy this song”

[bridge: art–zy]

in case you ain’t know me i’m art–zy
and i like to rap and i put my heart in beats
to all of you listeners i’m new to you
let me rap because there’s a point i’ll prove to you

[hook: art–zy]

i’m still new but my sk!ll will grow
you just need to hear my flow
that’s not all that you need to know
every time i touch the beat it go

[verse 2: art–zy]

i let my mouth touch the beat, and we ain’t even kissing
set goals for myself, i scored, and i ain’t even missing
if i get haters that p-ss me off i’ll give them a pot to p-ss in
in a mixtape of dissing, don’t put this in
i got a big ego for everything i’m good at
so maybe i might get an ego for rap
most times i speak the truth and i’m truer than the 2 chains that i don’t have
and i’m more experimental than a science lab
i just hope that one day i’m the best rapper
and i can eat these rappers and get fatter
best rapper exists, but no such thing as winning
now i’m about to finish this rap that ain’t from finland

[bridge & hook]

sorry for the bad quality


ja neh!