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arthur south – proficient lyrics


quote intro
“the concept of commercialism in the fashion and art world is looked down upon, you know, just to think, “what amount of creativity does it take to make something that m-sses of people like?” and, “how does creativity apply across the board?”

they told me x6
they told me x5

they told me not to stop writing with the pen so i never did
prayed enough times for my surgery i hope they don’t forbid
at the start love was good because it was efficient
now that my heart’s lost it’s trying to be proficient
i was denied provisions at the hospital to be helped
how i’m supposed to define hospitality in my city?
a lot of drama came onto my plate at my time of need
so i weigh out my problems to move forward with lead
sticking to the basics to get a way up in life to proceed
dealing all my aces in my deck of cards so i succeed
itching to get a little money in pocket to make it through today
flipping options for a better deal to work that’s an everyday
voices in my head telling me to give in but the choices in life are saying something different like

i been going through ups and downs and then i
i been going through ups and downs ohh yah!
i been going through ups and downs and then i
i been going through ups and downs

going through ups and downs of feeling let down
fake signers talking more than they showing around
back when it was just me and d we stayed up making music
that was my only clique we separated over stupid sh-t we used to do acoustics
c.a.p was my only movement that i thought of when reality brought it to me
map what i’m trying to make move with the black print i thought of three
less than a second we were doing our own dreams of how to get out
finesse the situation then repress it was my only way so i can let it out
express the stress so temptation doesn’t take over my mind
confess my mess the sedation era is under my grind
combined events of my life in these projects
for people to feel
for people that’s real
for people that goes out and makes the deals
because i been through a lot


separating fake from real when i wake up in the morning
generating any currency from my connects to keep earning
drawing out all my concepts of art to make it a story
pouring several cups of alcohol to get me into my glory
eerie to what i’m committing my life to be doing for now
allow the sound to seduce you into loving who you are
bizarre as love seems i took chances onto pursuing it
moving on was hard to do but we all go through it
so many wrongs i wrote up in this song i guess i’m the only one who can admit it
but in the end i took my ups and down and cast them aside
into the man i am now