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as divine grace – secret winds lyrics


sleeps, those slices of death
how i loathe them
in dreams wishpers are calling from darkness

look at you when your soul are calling
the time stands still but you are falling
i p-ssed away but i’m still screaming
i open my eyes and i am sleeping

face of empyrean blows cold winds
which freeze tearful stream
the bound of my grief

when deep sleep falls on me
fear came upon me and trembling
which made all my bones to shake

every time when i close my eyes
behold! the life flowers of my mind fade away

…if the swan fly…
like the evening sun i die
but i remember smile
as i writhe-i laugh

come fly with me and nourish the wind
fly as the swan and sylph esteem you

lie there my heart
i walk bleak path
i veil another time with tears

i hear nightinggale’s song from eternity
it sear my soul


the beauty of this dawn
her unfading glow enshare me
i soar into her arms
she dress me with kisses

the frail wind swings my blue cradle
i bask in there


i utter my farewell
…if the swan fly…