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asap rocky – grown up lyrics


[verse 1 – asap rocky:]
bachelor with no tux, still got my shirt cuffed
still got my sleeves rolled up and my shirt tucked
grown up? sure enough
sipping on that syrup
purple label sh-t, yeah i wear what i sip
scarface vision, see my visions on a blimp
and a quarter key will turn a g into a gent
all-purpose flow, we are the great
i’m so kurtis blow, and these are the breaks
my christian louboutins got nails, give me hammer toes
n-gg-s get shy when that camera rolls
drop crotch pants will remind you of them hammer
all-yellow phantom, i’m like yeezy in that amber rolls
“ah-ha-ha-ha-ha,” but who am i kidding?
no way i could afford it so for now i’m just pretending
how these gold diggers digging without a single pot to
p-ss in?
cause my pockets full of lint and my heart is full of
i’m grown

[bridge – asap rocky:]
i don’t do kid stuff much
n-gg-s say, “now, n-gg- all grown up”
i don’t hear y’all much
i’m all grown up
tough luck

[verse 2 – seth narley:]
curtains drawn and six dudes back
the chauffeur ride in the front as we speed to the dot
deanna waits along with the cl-ssy mist
my waist my shoulder blades the type you can’t resist
picture this: being 21 with a gift
bamas don’t understand how i’m [?]-swif
or i’m mj-nice, like jordan up on the mic
amen for the new saviors of rap
my birth’s 3/89 but i’m 30 up on the track
that’s grown man, little homie, that’s real rap
y’all trying to switch up the style, i’m bringing
versace back
giovanni, medusa, and all black
hot boy, i done ran through h-ll and walked back
p-ssport is stamped from sightseeing the map
and to think, i’m asleep but won’t blink
i’m dreamin all this within
young leo, inception
come again?
no offense, but f-ck whoever said wearing slims was a
more like a lifestyle in the rawest form
all grown up, nothing like before