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asivus - 24k lyrics


let me introduce myself
nice guy turned to a player
hey, what’s up with you over there?
come enjoy the view over here
passionate for fashion that i like
real impatient, need it overnight
six louis bags on the flight
two nights to get into fights
six racks i’m spendin’ at the store
overstated elegance for sure
i got imperfections they don’t know
but i can’t think of anyone who don’t
lotta n+ggas want what i have
but i ain’t really satisfied with that
bigger tickеt, items in the back
temporary lovin’ nеver last
i remember sealin’ up them packs
credit card scams and all of that
certain things i never told my father
wasn’t trying to deal with all the drama
good kid turned to a beast
tryna save the world, it’s up to me
i remember mobbin’ through the streets
now i’m busy mobbin’ on the beat
is it real or is it just a mirage?
just a façade, baby, i don’t know
take my hand and we can fly to the stars
it won’t take too long, baby, so let’s go
to el dorado
hmm, take the road
to el dorado
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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