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aspects(band) – dead frequency lyrics



[verse 1: el eye]
i’m on a dead frequency
recently the dead speak to me
through a broken circuit in my head
i’m uncertain whose version of events
led to the [?] seeing serpents in his bed
speaking in the third person worsens the pretence
now i wanna find a moving train to throw myself against
’cause i was like bye bye rap scene
i torch your lab and grab the vaccine
you’ve got nothing to stop the casе collapsing
going on the run with no idea what the maps mеan
it’s like i’m on the wrong channel
watching countdown with dead people on the panel
i vandalise the sky and disappear through a manhole
i travel on a babylon candle while you ran home
it’s like i’m singing out of tune when i’m phasing in and out the different levels of the gloom
the devil’s in the room, yeah i revel in the mood
i was feral in the womb, now there’s several in the coop
forever in pursuit of the elusive golden goose
it’s like living in the shadows of the gallows of a noose around your neck
the snap’s profound sound effect, the found effective on a crowd projected
i write a [?] rhythm on a ribcage
disappear in the sun’s rays at midday
dead frequency
h+llo, h+llo

[verse 2: mantis]
we vibrate on a higher frequency
recently increasingly frequently
freakily, a whole world is urban
drop the weight mate you don’t need the burden(why)
i’m a nature type, even late at night
my temporal lobe knows the ancient rites
stressin’ stemmin’ from adolescence
have men depend on antidepressants
the very essence sparkle effervescence
somehow becomes lacking in the presence
to obtain the glow again you need more than ready brek
behind the eyes, see the mise of many heads
find the evidence of your street regiments
bedlam, bore stool, bedsit, tenements
yeah i’m in the elements, hug trees for the h+ll of it
push seeds in the earth and leaves through my sentiment
they writing, i’m riding, the tide is surprising
question the words, there’s answers inside this
symbols of my strength, eyeball i ride then
you found the pathway, now heed the guidance
silom, tameo, cashmerey camel
peerin’ out from under the hood like mark hamil
i’m on an odd channel
orson welles meets steven j. cannel
dead frequency
h+llo, h+llo

[verse 3:beezilbubber]
in some dark recess of my quietened voice box
i must remember we record the warm ups
doh re mi fa sol
i stitch up a fragment of long ago
still head nod, blowing the dust off
a double take bling what’s what
awake with the ache of the famished
pick my face from the floor to inspect the damage
oh well i’ve managed with worse
fluent in this dying language my curse
a construct a verse to quake dominion
i straight boom! shake shake down the kingdom
got the cap and the cap fits
give her my name, i know how to wear it
met the king so we joined the rebels
this is my voice, this my grind and my medals

dead frequency
h+llo, h+llo
dead frequency
h+llo, h+llo
h+llo, h+llo, h+llo