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ass ponys – peanut ’93 lyrics


peanut rides his bike around
the drive-in in the daytime
bagging trash and hanging up
the speakers on their poles

when he finds a bottle
he imagines women drinking from it
what it looked like, how it sounded
trickling down their throats

peanut has a brother, lost his father
hardly sees his mother
once a month he visits
at her trailer near the lake

sometimes when it’s not too humid
chances are you’ll catch him spearing
shiners in the spill-way
with a nail on a stick

peanut knows a guy
his name is mike, he’s not too bright
he says he’ll suck you for a cigarette
down underneath the bridge

this very thought disgusts him
“i don’t see how you could trust him.”
he says, “if i get my p-ck-r sucked,
it sure won’t be by him.”

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