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assistant – be nice to me i had a ruff day lyrics


leigh: try to wake up with a smile on your face. (blow
your h-rn) words are the doorways that lead to the heart,
the more we listen, the more we’re heard. this song is
for you, this song is for me, the words we’ve shared have
set us free. thank you. i will not live my life full of
this negative energy. you have allowed yourself to become
jaded and angry, but i will break the mold and make
myself a new day filled with joy and love and you will
continue to sink down deeper into your pity of despair
and i will rise and be happy once again. what do you hope
for? make a wish. we raise our fists, and sway our hips.
we break our hearts and throw them in the dirt. and we
all hold hands. this song is for those of you who have
listened. this song is for those who have cared. i will
wake up with a smile on my face. tom: each day i wake is
a chance that i can change. each breath that i breathe
tells me that i am alive. i will try to wake up with a
smile on my face.