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astralive – running lyrics


if you wanna run with me you better be going in the speed of the blue sonic/
microphone chief my challenger white fluid like gin tonic/
dipping my words in the earth bionic/ blast from the past mixing it with m-ss critical gr-ss chronicle cast natural medicine man locked behind bars i find this ironic/ floating concubine in the open air as the stars align again i am on it/ honest honestly respecting the whole as yourself is the sacred remedy/ so your mind runs on constant energy/ vibrations in elegant synergy/ is what got in to me elephant memory/ the heat is like a solar flair deep thinker story/ controlling the atmosphere after i fathom the core of an atom/ spirit walking with the phantom in the heavenly mansion/ my p-ssion is for earthly comp-ssion i fashion skull bashing/ everlasting cranium g-sses pineal gland uranium ashes/ smoking trees like a lumberjack gaining wisdom from the universal sanctum/ the beanstalk is still intact as the quantum plasm clashes/ eyes half open glaring at the sun in your chasm rainbow colors dancing in the shade of your eyelashes/ glancing at the afterlife/ through the nostril/ you sense the odor of ra´s al ghul tendency of astral/ annihilate the white ghost with the rapture knife/ in the life after line/ personal moral partial neutral/ pedal to the metal still the mental is peaceful/ it feels like i’ve finally reached through/