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atmosphere – homecoming lyrics


(feat. el-p)

…little boy can’t seem to find your place now
…all your funny friends, the ones who have sh-tty jobs

sometime in ny, perhaps in the decepticon era
like seven or eight grades up from fitting blocks together
graf kids after school to get chased by rival letters
and skate boards and truck cars and rails
funny shapes and grip tape
i own a mark rogowski, i rode it goofy footed
sicker, i learned to ollie on colt four-five malt liquor
and that’s it, to me it got not any more acrobatic
who would pedal around manhattan, for lack of better action
one kid is the point man at pakistani bodega
he sold those loosey camel unfiltered to under-agers
smoke ’em on a promenade, water balloons drop
hit car, run from cops, skate quick
basically loaf on the low ?
on the laugh with dangerous, nearly vacation
under the brooklyn bridge, across the brooklyn bank, show up uninvited
some kids are drinking beer tonight they’re excited
brooklyn tech., brooklyn friends
stuyvesant plus rich kids, thug wannabes, and hippie chicks found some escapist sh-t
we felt the separate fashions and cliques trading places
we formed our own section comprised of nike uptowns
worn on mediocre skaters, it’s like this:
yo, this kid ivan made the trek from rhode island
from plastic cup of cold duck and a relaxed social environment
he jetted from his section when the meat heads started whilin’
his aesthetic wasn’t their style, so they used bats to re-design it

[chorus: slug (el-p)]
homecoming, (homecoming)
homecoming, (homecoming)
(sometimes it was good,
sometimes it was just a moment of vis-a-avis the definitions
and other stimulus that cause your growing)
homecoming, (homecoming)
homecoming, (homecoming)

sometimes i was good and other times contradicted
but no matter where i stood, i still managed to stand
the last time i laughed this hard i was a child
it was the kind of giggle that would make a young mother smile
i can’t remember the “why” but the wallpaper patterns
had me running in circles trying to defend my saturn
just me and my box of machiavelli and cheese
all i really want to do is show you my disease
she didn’t have the courage to kiss me goodnight
but i’ma give you my word that everything will be alright
like, what the f-ck?! this phone is disconnected
just my luck, i need advice before my love gets misdirected
guess it’s just another symptom of, just another victim of
the warfare and those caught between sean and the slug
did i mention the drugs that used to make her spew forth
carried barely half the pleasure of a pack of newports?
breathe it in, breathe it out, what’d it really be about?
i’m trying to lose and allude all excuses to scream and shout
for every moment i spent wishing my parents back together
would’ve been better linked to preparin’ me for the weather
rocking my t-shirt that reads “whatever”
all in an effort to relieve the pressure
that minnesota good sleep
this wood is cheap, and now fire’s back in style
if i had better teeth, i would try to crack a smile
well, here i am, mr. typical
ridiculously meticulous when painting pictures of pitiful
and little did i know and less did i care
they would chew up an swallow all that i threw out there
“it’s not fair,” screams the one without a voice
arm that boy, tell him to aim at the ones that got all the toys

[chorus: el-p (slug)]
homecoming, (homecoming)
homecoming, (homecoming)
(sometimes it was good, and other times contradicted
but no matter where i stood, i still managed to stand)
homecoming, (homecoming)
homecoming, (homecoming)
sometimes it was good,
sometimes it was just a moment of vis-a-vis the definitions
and outer stimulus that cause growing

there it is, is that what you want?
there it is, is that what you want?
is that really what you want?
i’m coming home, is that what you want?



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