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atmosphere – hope lyrics



somebody’s amp is buzzing
somebody’s amp is buzzing
somebody’s amp is… fix the f-cking amp!

i hope it’s not too late when you get the news
i hope your coffee’s great and you had breakfast too
i hope it’s the type of day you would say was
perfect in every way you could crave of
i hope all your brats behave
and that you had a good shower, shat and shave
i hope your lady cooperates, plays nice
i hope you already got laid today twice
i hope that your teeth don’t hurt
and it’s the first morning of a whole week off work
i hope that your back feels fine and your car starts first try
search a blue sky and watch the birds fly
hope its everything you could ask for, plus more
maybe even catch a little nap on the front porch
i hope you got the world under foot
and you’re on page one of your new favorite book
i hope you took a little time to reflect
hope you get to look, see the signs that connect
i hope there’s no depression or panic attacks when
you finally decide to get a life and quit rapping

i’m only serious, i hope you’re hearing this
in land at the end of the line, just like period!
i hope you can let the star go
i wish you a good day, i hope it’s tomorrow

you suck, you suck dude