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audio adrenaline – dirty lyrics


i don’t think yall understand
what m going thru the stress is killin me
my better halfs back home f-ckin round
least that’s what they telling me

she always in the clubs now
and she aint used to party
and she always wit a new n-gg-
say she f-ckin em probably

while im over here dodging bullets
throwin em back at haji
she got her -ss up in something tight
trying to get f-cked properly

they seen her last night
hugged up in the movies
wit some n-gg-
obviously scheming trying to sleep wit my p-ssy

try not to sweat it though this blood
runs hot thru me
this is fire yall f-ckin wit now
please speak truthfully

plus im hearing she don’t be home
not half as much as she used to
got me callin home naw
she aint pickin up like she used to

and i’ve heard all the stories
bout how we deploy and they do us
and now my money spends
a lil bit faster than what it used to i don’t know

the whole time im gon
she was running round
i thought we were in love
i know what love is now

she’s telling me one thing
doin another
now everyday it seems
harder to trust her

i don’t know
the f-ck is really happening

i don’t know
if im over reacting

i don’t know
if she’s home bein faithful
while im gone

when we talk now its always something
startin an argument
specially when i ask her
why she’s never home and all the money she spent

she say she got needs
sometimes she need to be with her friends
but then i tell her what they tell me
now she defensive as sh-t

her whole story starts changing
how the f-ck can i trust this b-tch
when she tell me something one week
the next week she forgets

nothing but more lies and excuses
everytime she move her lips
2 in the morning cell phone
ringing in the background loud as sh-t

im trying to, keep my cool
cant afford to lose focus
cause here that sh-t el get me killed
even if just for a moment

so i let a lot of sh-t slide
even sh-t im not supposed to
but it gets harder to cope wit
not knowin if this is really happening

i’ve seen this movie played before
so i know what happens
she run them streets im trying to
stay alive in baghdad

f-ck her
yeah i love her but trust is a mother f-cker
and she make it harder to believe her
everytime i talk to her


get it together sweetheart
i can tell that you lying
cause we aint talking like we used to
plus its getting harder to find you

i know its issues
war is not easy but you create more problems
still act like nothins happening
i just want you to be honest

if it aint no other mof-cker
than tell me who the f-ck is this guy then
i hear you always with
that just a friend sh-t i aint buyin

though you sell it like the truth
no not now don’t start crying
cause i know that wont your girl
last week you was outta town with

look its too easy to tell the truth
instead you denied it
even worse i know you full a sh-t
and you still trying to hide it

don’t worry the paperworks in progress
we can put this behind us
but now you wanna come clean
say you don’t know where your mind went

you got lonely when i left
needed someone to spend your time with
and you only slept wit em once
sorry, that’s too many times b-tch

the f-ck i look like
holdin on when you let go
and f-ck i look like takin you back
i don’t keep trash in my home


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