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autopsy – bridge of bones lyrics


i didn’t find this place, it called to me
a reeking from the other side of stone
underground in hiding as i was
was that a whisper? but i’m here alone…

there lay a hole in the ground
a hidden portal in the floor
a putrid breeze was seeping out
against all sense i set out to explore

[lead – cutler]

through the p-ssage i did climb
down to a chamber vast as h-ll itself
had i lost my mind or did i really see
an abysmal chasm with a bridge of bones
before me?

a nauseating reddish light filled the gloom
transfixed i walked up to the bridge bizarre
horrified i realized the truth
the skulls and legs and arms looked so familiar

in shock i scrambled back up
to the bleakness of the moor
the winds were foul, the bones were gone
i reeled in sickening horror
the abomination of a bridge
must be the morbid key
i had to go down again and face insanity

[lead – coralles]

a dark descent beneath the earth
and h-ll was waiting there
i stepped onto the skeletal span
and walked across in terror
i reached the other side
to see a coffin standing bare
and then the voices faded in
grotesque beyond compare

the box was open, death was near
i heard the casket’s calling clear
my victims screaming in my head
i stepped inside and closed the lid