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autumn! – baby fewch! lyrics


these n+ggas lame, my n+ggas stay chained, so please, don’t give ’em a reason (please, don’t give ’em a reason)
gucci baguettes from my heathens, i wear jesus pieces (i wear jesus pieces)
brand new chrome hearts every season, i get this sh+t too easy (i get this sh+t too easy)
hoes come in, got to take they phone, got to know thesе hoes be sneaky (got to know thеse hoes be sneaky)
addyed up, gassed up, perced up, my n+gga be geekin’ (yeah, my n+gga be geekin’)
tatted up, ass up, face down, everytime, she leave me (everytime, she leave me)
add it up, count it up, spend it all, tell ced, “i’m tweakin'” (tell ced, “i’m tweakin'”)
i be quick to cut a b+tch off and i don’t need no reason (i don’t need no reason)
bankrolls in the golf, pull it out, make a ho start cheesin’ (i’ll make a ho start cheesin’)
seven hundred seven horses in the engine, so, you know i’m speedin’
by the time this drop, i’ma touch a m, but my b+tch got seventy+five (seventy+five)
brand new draco, ‘posed to be a first+class, this b+tch put yo’ ass right in the sky (right in the sky)
i know for a fact you don’t listen to biggie, so why you so ready to die? (why you so ready to die?)
different hoes hittin’ my phone, that’s everyday
sayin’, “f+ck me,” never reply (no, never reply)
that sh+t slow, you need to sell that, go get you a scat pack
they let, doodie out that cell, he tryna push a hat back
i just sent her to get her nails done, just to get my back scratched
she already know what she came for, time to get you a back cracked
i heard they spunt your block like five times, better go get back, back
i ain’t been the same since ’09, i’m still havin’ flashbacks
coulda went brown seats, lil bro had that, said f+ck it, go matte black
my lil’ n+ggas smokin’ that gas pack, they sittin’ in hazmat
me and my n+ggas, we drive s class, vettes and h+llcats
i’m that n+gga just like pluto, b+tch, you can tell him i said that
if a ho text me, i don’t text back, but, she know i read that
soon as i land, i call that doctor, i need me some head stat
these n+ggas still think they ahead of us, go check the d+mn stats
just went burberry for my raincoat, and for my backpack
she know when she play her part right, i’ma buy her ass, yeah
came a long way from them hatchbacks, now it’s maybach
we on his hood just like a snapback, better bring that bag back
i seen n+ggas talk that rap cap ’til they get they rag sn+tched
she keep sendin’ me them cashtags, she smokin’ that good crack
my main b+tch can have a big bag, i’ma still f+ck a hood rat