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avatar – let it burn lyrics


you feel a sudden pain
the night turns bright as day
this sh-t is going straight
out of your mind
you start to feel afraid
it is the price you pay
to get the thrill
you need to stay alive

let it burn!

between the cuts and cries
you’ll find a way to die
just take a sip
and twist it like a knife
a city full of sound
too late to turn around
you need to flee the light
to save your life

you like when it hurts?
let it burn!
let it burn!

you ain’t sure what came first
was it your flame or thisrt?
you need to please them both
to put you out
another wasted youth
you thought you’d seen the truth
we need to find a voice
to help you shout

i like when it hurts!
let it burn!