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avril lavigne – alice lyrics


(extended version)

[verse 1:]
trippin’ out
spinnin’ around
i’m underground
i fell down
yeah, i fell down

i’m freakin’ out
so where am i now?
upside down
and i can’t stop it now
it can’t stop me now

i… i’ll get by
i… i’ll survive
when the world’s crashin’ down
when i fall and hit the ground
i will turn myself around
don’t you try to stop it?
i… i won’t cry

[verse 2:]
i’ll play the game
but i can’t stay
i’ve got my head on straight
and i’m not gonna change
i’m not gonna change

i’ll win the race
keep up with the pace
today’s the day
that i start to pray
you can’t get in my way


i found myself (myself)
in wonderland
get back on (back on)
my feet again
is this real? (this real)
is this pretend?
i’ll take a stand (a stand)
until the end

[chorus 2x]

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