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aw6ken – deep water (remix) lyrics


i’m feeling so villainous stamp on anyone who wanna sit and go “whack” i’ll k!ll em all rapidly when i be spitting the flows cus people ain’t giving a d-mn/dam i’m ripping this sh-t i been doing it vigorous all of you b-tches still live in the past man this chick wanna latch on me but if im honest i’m sick of the games and your primitive -ss that means simplistic she hit my crib sucked on my d-ck to gag but she told her friends i won’t make her whole again so i picked syringes and scissors with it and slit her in the scalpel and skin i snipped it you claim i don’t make you whole/hole but i think i do with f-cking incisions you slag! my sick demeanour is the reason that you kids get ethered this deep water only drowns my sorrows cus i step like jesus leave mcs beaten i’m finna just rid the species inflicting seizures messing with me will indefinitely get you served don’t make a racket serena i talk my sh-t like everyday i be the man hoe your man is a b-tch he looks all mean and tries to act cold flexing on the gram but you can thank daddy for the cash tho b-tch i be independent getting the money you f-ckers need spatulas to stack dough facts bro, i’m thinking of drilling em rappers stand in single file and sing from bibles as i grip a nine and i put some clips in rifles when i go skitzo rivals all dip or trifle p-ssy i am king tut this my kingdom try go run through it but you’ll be in denial (i’m the nile) of the f-cking heights that i’m reaching imma a psycho with it fighting those demons that i find woke when i’m sleeping my minds blown and tweaking it don’t like go sleep which is kinda of the reason that i stay up and im making more moves call it pyschokeniss d-mn sorry if i seem stressed i just wanna get my mom a house up by the beach then stack a couple mill i heard that he said and that she said i’m depressed your right and that is the reason my d pressed up tight down her v neck and i’ve been there it’s nice it’s cus she said that my raps show that we get the minds of each other we should be friends at night undercover but b-tch i’m way outta the box, i wanna see cheques/checks this life is more than blowing a b-tches back off on the weekends i’m tryna grow as a person i’ve gone and swam in the deep ends you motherf-ckers are jack offs i see you and i don’t see men i’ll put a legend to sleep when i lay the flows thats a sea bed these f-ckers are kidding me b-tch i been the f-cking sickest fiend we had that established, i’m finna be just freddy, creep on em fist an mc you intervene then you getting deceased villainy like this ain’t in your illest dreams, when i be in the scene they dip n flee the industry motherf-ckers singing the symphonies, but if they in my vicinity then i’m heated, grip squeeze the pen unleash, cus of recent b-tch no discrepancies gonna mean i’ll let this depression breathe i found my purpose these p-ss-es know that i’m more than godly everybody wants me out better go and form a posse