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awar vanderslice – gorilla warfare lyrics


let it ride,let it ride
let it ride
let it ride,let it ride
let it ride,let it ride

i’m becoming a victim
he loves sun
your mother died while the mentally disabled little baby grew inside her
i’ll decimate your troops
we need a few survivors, call it murder
we’re following you for days
we own some sp-ce
let them taste the metal drip
talkin’ about the scanning clicking
i’ll split you like a surgeon
while we’ve been polishing the earth

you’re f-ckin’ up the frequency
i’m ready for domination
i spit the venom ,
all your consummations are mine,try to take them

charge your batteries but he built the last
press charges for battery forget the b-tch lap
until you catch a quick glance
using guerilla tactics if you’re missing something
after you smash the gg ,that’s for the fk
i lacerate their faces
we spit on your grave
that’s what he’s after

we’re from the warfare
it doesn’t matter