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axis of perdition – my time my reign my tyranny lyrics


(lyrics: aop)

awakened to an earth unrecognisable and ruined
emerging from the fractured chambers of surrealism
searchlights cast beams into a blackened cityscape
through skyscr-pers thrown down the horrors stalk

this is the god deconstruction field
where scorched planets floating aimlessly
are more insignificant than dust motes
orbiting my baleful outstretched fist
exacerbated madness of the chaotic abyss
beneath continent-sized slabs of sentient machinery
smoke-veiled mechanised charcaroth
rears it’s cl-stered jaws

i stare at your feeble world from the far side of the apocalypse
chaos fathered me now i guide it into your world
post-human abominations bow jerkily to my broken idol
to the thunderous violating song of the inverse stars

the stench grows more appalling as they draw near
dragging their festering, bloated carc-sses with spindly arms
chittering incessantly from their many mouths
eyeless, pulsating vermin dripping their filth into foul waters

a universe anathema to p-ssivity and warmth
stretches creeping metallic tendrils to strangle time
a malignant alien aeon eating it’s way towards you
eternal pounding and joyless disarray

i died an iconoclast in chains and woke as a lifeless god
stillborn apotheosis to rule over war-torn ruination
misanthropic dawn
my time… my reign… my tyranny!

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