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az – rather unique lyrics


(feat. pete rock)

[pete rock]
rock the house (rock the house)
east new york, east new york
east new york, east new york
east new york, east new york
my man az to the fullest

[verse 1: az]
we was already loyal to people’s minds and mulianis
now we more f-cked up with a mayor named guliani
you can try to bomb me
-n-lyze but can’t define me
my mind’s divine heavily entwined with ghandi’s
far from feeble, i leave your nostrils hard to breathe through
cause my cerebral’s are more of a higher plane
than the hebrews
my mic devotion brings out my deepest emotions
overdosing wannabes posing
sending them through convulsions
to hard to follow, you took a bite but couldn’t swallow
your mind’s boggled
but i’m as deep as donald goines novels
my whole persona’s kinda laid back like a recliner
and since my minor, i been f-cking with marijuana
wavy-haired, my skin got a money getting glare
strictly menace wear, macking offa guinness beer
so where it all begins is here
destiny and me finally meet
so how can i be weak?
i’m rather unique

[scratched in w/ pete rock ad-libs]
why, why, why i’m rather unique
[big daddy kane] why i’m rather unique

[verse 2: az]
my verbals rip sh-t
brains give birth to thoughts in triplets
f-ck it i’m on some flip sh-t
ready to let my clip spit, dramatical
vocals release sh-lls like automatics
do music’s magical causing any battle to be tragical
i got styles sick as h-ll, sicker than sickle cell anemia
slaughter your circulatory like lukemia
filled with larceny, who want parts of me?
i’m vicious, mad malicious
cause it’s real on this road to riches
i got this mastered, other rappers’ll craft it
weak and wicked camoflauged as killers
how they speak and kick it
peep this uniqueness
nonbelievers i’m leaving speechless
left to chokers and skunk smoke
was coming through the speakers
surgically nice with any verbal device
trife, breathing life into mics
my insight’s beyond the twilight
so die, fight, no surrender, no retreat
techniques speak
i’m rather unique

[chorus: w/ ad-libs]

[verse 3: az]
so it’s gonna take more than your astrologist
to knowledge this
a physiologist couldn’t even figure out the exoticness
raps demolishing certified the way i style it
my wordplay blaze with the rays of ultraviolence
my culture’s smiling, getting more in depth with each breath
my biography follows the footsteps of malcolm x
money and s-x, gore-tex donna karan and guess
finesse, success through the life
stress mics i blessed
puffing trees to get me high as trapeze
flipping j-panese at ease when i’m stacking g’s
so let’s discuss, plus degrees
how the rhyme forces the source for thoughts that’s lost
so don’t cross cause it’ll cost
the ghetto savior, smooth, the real playa with flavor
moves be major
with unexplainable behavior
the word’s on the street so keep your ears to the concrete
[why, why, why i’m rather unique]

[chorus: w/ ad-libs]

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